Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some Favorite Pics of the Year (Not Exhaustive)

Courtney was just showing. Or should I say, Knox was just showing.
Anna Apple
In the beginning ...
Z Group #1
Back in the long-hair days ...
Della Dawn Dot made this for me.
Baby Knox at the mall in his cute blue jumper.
Ah, youth group. Pizza Party!
My first ever layer cake ... for the Bruning Baby Bash.
Fuzzy but still so cute. Now I just need one of Whit.
The lovely Nicole.
Me thinks I see Mother Mary.
My awesome leather jacket. Why do I like this pic?
My dear friend, and Sunday School pal, Sarah.
She's doing my hair for the wedding!
Awwwwww ... you're my best friend.
Three lovely ladies.
Yay for nights on the town. What a striking coat.
We miss you, Laura ... and your hubby.
Kirsten MADE us this beautiful blanket!