Friday, May 02, 2008

TGIF and Medical Murder Mysteries

Turns out Tate is the second best place to work in Oklahoma. No joke. This has been measured, and we have literally been awarded this title.

Because of this, they gave us the afternoon off.

Of course, I'm still working. This month's schedule looks crazier than last month's. I'm reading a mystery right now (title TBD). It takes place in Hall Park, Oklahoma. That's right, written by two gentlemen who go to Norman's own Wildwood Community Church, and I have the pleasure of reading their work. It's quite good.

The thing I am most impressed with is characterization. Their characters are real from the moment you start reading. Original action. Original description. I'm helping some with logical flow of dialogue, but man oh man, this is good stuff. Very exciting and fast paced. Good work, gentlemen.

I can't wait to find out whodunit.