Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me and That Guy I Spend My Days Talking About

Over a year since the swing accident. I guess it's time to get posting again. A lot has happened in a year. We moved for the second time in 12 months - to Michigan - and I'm working as an editor again, and even a publicist. Long story short, my favorite Tate author, whose first three books I edited, got back in touch with me. Heath knew I was doing some freelance work and asked if I wanted a part-time job working with him on a few new projects, as well as helping to re-push the first three. He'd disappeared from the writing world for a few years to get a business going, and now that the business has taken off, he wants to get back to writing.
Heath Sommer:
Oh, wait. That's not Heath. That's my HUSBAND. Here's Heath...
Didya ever know a thriller writer to have such a happy head shot? We are scheduling a new one. A more ominous one.
It was perfect timing. Perfect. We'd moved a few months previous. I felt fairly settled. The girls are in a good place and easier to take care of now that Paigey is almost two (in less than a month!). We could use a little extra money (who couldn't?). Perfect. Timing. So here I am, spending much of my days getting to know book bloggers and finding those who might be a good match for Heath's work. We've had two successful guest blog posts at two different blogs, and we've had one review, which hasn't been published yet. Heath's books aren't technically self-published, but because his marketing rep at Tate doesn't really have time to push his work with her zillions of other clients and his books being a few years old now, I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about how to push a book. And getting my hands dirty in pages again has been incredible. Just fun. Oh, and did I mention that at the same time I was offered this job, two others came streaming down the pike? Who says a SAHM can't fit in 21 (and occasionally plus) hours a week? I'm doing it, somehow. And I still have time to play with my children and be with them ALL. THE. TIME. Of course, I do appreciate our new housekeeper.