Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm sitting in my new office in Copeland Hall. (Come visit, ya'll!) I like it. There is a nice, big window and a nice, big tree rooted just outside. I walked to the union today thinking I was going to purchase a huge Diet Coke but decided to walk next door and just get a DC out of the vending machine for $1. It's plenty, probably not much less than the huge one I could have bought for well over a dollar.

I never mentioned the rest of my birthday presents. My nice husband set me up with all the jogging gear I need. New shoes (from the in-laws) and a new (first-ever) iPod Shuffle! I love it. It makes jogging so much easier and much more fun. It's tiny and clips onto my shorts. I only have to keep myself from buying a bunch of tunes now. What tune would you buy first? Or, if you're an iTunes junky, what was the first tune you ever bought?

Well, our first issue of the semester came out yesterday and yours truly left a flagrant error on one of the more popular (I think) pages of the mag. I am embarrassed and feeling as if I have failed on a huge level. Oops.