Friday, April 22, 2011


Well, it's been too long since I've posted, but that's probably because I've been getting used to mothering two children under 2. Whoa. This is work. I knew it would be work, but I'm remembering now how difficult those first 8 weeks were with Drue. Thankfully, I don't think it's going to be a whole 8 weeks of "terrible" with Paige. Sunday is the 4-week mark, and I'm evening out emotionally, doing well physically and doing fairly well functionally. I have been getting at least a small nap every day, and I realized this morning in the shower that I've finally gotten used to much less sleep (if one ever gets used to that). We had a bad night last night (Paige has a cold), and I was standing there in the shower thinking, How am I doing this (i.e., standing)? But I am. Okay, I must be through the newness.

We're working into a schedule of sorts, and I feel like I can kind of read Paige. She wants to be held most of the time. She eats more often as the day progresses. She needs two big naps and is awake otherwise, which is weird because Drue took four naps a day. But then, I was much more scheduled with Drue. Anyway...we're doing this. I don't know how, and some days I might have to call my friends bawling (already done that many times), but we are doing this.

And here is my sweet Paigey Poozers.


As I mentioned, I'm not doing a schedule per se with this baby. Why OH WHY did I not believe babies work into their own schedules? Oh wait, I did, but I thought (because of the baby book I chose to read) that that schedule would be horrible, and the child would rule my life rather than I hers, and it would be bad bad bad...etc., etc., the world ending. Yes, babies work into their own schedules, but those schedules are good. They are best for the baby AND Mom, can you believe it? The schedule we've naturally worked into does not rule my life. I am still the ruler here. But it WORKS BETTER THAN THE SCHEDULING I DID WITH DRUE EVER WORKED. And Paige is already sleeping (on good nights) more hours in a row than Drue ever did.

That last part could just be Paige, but still. I am now a demand-feeding, no strict scheduling mom, and I - and Paige - love it.

As for how Drue is doing? I will have to post on that at a later date. It's time for a few minutes of Internet surfing before babes wake up. (Yes, the "schedule" includes both girls sleeping at the SAME TIME in the afternoons. Woot!)