Thursday, March 29, 2007

Those Drafts

They turned out well, for the most part. I was happy to see long quotes. Most everyone had a "theme," even if some of them weren't the greatest, most interesting themes. Good. I look forward to see what my next class has produced.

My husband and I walked in the rain this morning on the way to class. Amazing how Norman flash-floods. No more than 10 minutes of a downpour and the town is seriously flooded, especially around campus. There are places where you simply can't cross the street without stepping into a foot of water. Thankfully, spring showers are warm or at the very most cool, not freezing. My feet are still damp in my wet, black flats, but they're not frozen.

I've read two books in the past two weeks. One by Jodi Picoult (my recent fave) called The Tenth Circle, one by Stephen King (an old fave) called Lisey's Story. Both are good, though King's took a while for me to get into. He does that. Sometimes you're just not really into his stories until page 200. He's the only author I won't put down right away if I'm bored or confused, because I KNOW I will eventually be interested and it will all make sense. Lisey's Story isn't the best, but it is interesting, if difficult to explain. The reason I mention these books, however, is that they are both set in Maine (no surprise there with King), with Picoult's traveling to Alaska at points. I've often thought of moving up east, but I'm such a wimp with cold weather, I don't know if I would fare very well. And according to what I've read about Alaska in Picoult's book, well, Collin has talked about moving there, and even if he's said it in jest, he's crazy. I couldn't handle the all-day NIGHT and super sub-zero tempies. No sir.

I'm really impatient and want to know where we will end up in a couple of years.

I'm leading Bible study next week for Nicole, and we're going to talk about the woman at the well. This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. How interesting it popped up on my week.

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