Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Madness

I was talking to my husband last night before we went to bed and as I sometimes do was stretching while we were talking.

My doctor told me to stretch my hamstrings and strengthen my quadriceps some months ago when I found out I have a "bad knee." I tend to heed his command off and on. Right now is a sort-of "on" period.

My husband looked at me and said, "How are you so limber? Are all girls that limber?" He then attempted to do the stretch I was doing and couldn't. He mentioned how tight his legs were.

I sort of went off.

"You need to stretch every day! You need to not have tight legs! You need to stretch right now!"

I do this all too often. It's like a crazy switch gets flipped, and my eyes get wide, and I shout, "You need to do THIS. You need to do THIS."

I'm not saying I like it. I'm just being honest here.

My husband's reaction was laughter. He then proceeded to tell me all of the things I've been telling him he "needs" to do as of late. Some of these things include:

You need to stretch your legs.
You need to squeeze out the sponge.
You need to put the sponge in the fish!
You need to get a hair cut.
You need to stop picking.
And rubbing your eyes.
You need to sleep later.


I can't believe this is what I do ... and what he hears. I must stop this controlling madness.

I cannot do it on my own.

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