Thursday, September 06, 2007

Incriminating stories are my favorite stories.

I'm finally feeling settled into the semester. Ultimately, life is good. Collin takes his generals this month. I am reading some great books. I'm enjoying teaching three classes, and the magazine is running along swimmingly (I think). I can't wait to go to Missouri in Oct. and then Beaver's Bend in Nov. Yippee for fall and trips with friends and family! (although I could do without the weather turning cold)

I didn't sleep well last night and at 12:30 got so frustrated I kicked Collin and woke him up and all but shouted, "Don't wake me up until 7:30. I can't sleep." I also mentioned something about his legs twitching in his sleep, but he knows I wasn't blaming him for keeping me up. What he really knows is that I am quick to lose self control and am very hateful when I can't sleep. So what does he do? He gets up this morning and gets my breakfast stuff ready and puts together my lunch and washes the dishes I didn't get to last night. He says he did this bitterly whilst trying to love me. I say it doesn't matter. I appreciated it, period.

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