Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"They float down here. And when you're down here, you'll float too!"

I finished Jodi Picoult's The Pact this morning. I don't know what I think about the ending. The whole book was depressing. Parents who don't know their kids; kids who don't know who they are. It was well written and compelling, as usual; she's one of those who can break rules and it's OK. But the ending. Was it too quick? I like that she ended with the climax and wrapped up in an epilogue, but I felt there was one bit of information lacking.

I don't want to ruin this book for anyone, so that's all I'll say, but if you've read The Pact, did you think there was at least one bit of information lacking in the epilogue, or did you love how it was done?

My husband is finally conquering his fear of Stephen King's It. He's been afraid of the story, or the Pennywise the clown, since the movie came out on TV in 1990. He's on page 753 of the book now and loving it, which is validating to me, as it's one of my favorite books.

I would love it if he started reading fiction regularly. He's already a great idea man and has been helping me with my novel a bit (although sometimes I have to tell him to save it; the plot is the plot, and these other fantastic ideas can go into other stories), and I think his reading fiction will make for some fun conversation. Not as though we don't already have great conversation, but how cool would it be to talk about psychology, research, AND story, among other things, of course.

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Brittany said...

Yay for reading fiction together! Dan and I were just talking 20 minutes ago about our plan to read some books (novels) together this summer. We are thinking East of Eden, Inkheart, or maybe the C.S. Lewis sci-fi trilogy.

Jodi P. - I read My Sister's Keeper and I also really enjoyed it EXCEPT for the ending. I thought it was a bit of a cop out. But I wasn't sure, because it also made me angry - in a way I only could have been if I was thoroughly invested in the characters. I don't know if you have read that one, but maybe she is bad at endings? :)

Miss you,