Thursday, February 18, 2010


Roses given to me by my husband, who was given roses by co-owner of Blue Bouquet (, Drue Carr, upon her thirtieth birthday. I guess Drue (yes, we named our daughter after our dear and talented friend Drue) was sad that I couldn't be there and so sent Collin home with a dozen roses for me. They are dead now, but they were gorgeous.

Thanks to Brandy Criger, I now know "what not to wear" and was able to purge five bags worth of probably ten-years-old clothes. I consigned two other bags and a hanging bag full. Too many clothes? A resounding Yes.

Made these for our friends and work colleagues last Saturday. They look like a box of chocolates! And tasted even better.

I love taking her to Barnes and Noble (or any place that has a "kid zone").

And...there she is! With her princess wipes container (a favorite "toy").

Wish I had a photo of the breakfast we ate Valentine's Day morning pre-church. It involved cracking eggs over top a casserole and baking it. Man, oh man. With homemade biscuits and honey, I could eat until I'm ill.

So it looks like I found the time to post some pictures. Guess I shouldn't grumble and complain so much. ::wink::

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ComplyKated said...

I can't believe how big she's getting!

And I have to know what the Vday breakfast recipe was. It sounds yummy and and easy- which makes it perfect.