Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

I just found out after 31 years of eating oranges that I eat them the "wrong way." How does one eat an orange? Well, this is how I do it:

I cut the orange in half.
I eat one half at a time...
First, eating around the half by pulling back the pulp with my front teeth and extracting what juice I can.
Second, squeezing the orange so that as much juice as possible comes out; and I drink it, of course, straight from the orange.
Then I change the direction of the squeeze (opposite the original squeeze) and repeat.
Lastly, I turn the ornage inside out and eat all the pulp that's left.

Done with half one.
Repeat with half two.

Collin wondered what I was doing when I handed him half an orange (we were going to share the last one). He watched me for a second and said, "What are you doing?"

"Eating an orange," I said.
He proceeded to laugh at me, and I walked him through how to eat an orange. He managed to wear most of the juice; don't ask me how. I've never made a mess like he did when eating an orange this way.

Is there any food that you eat the "wrong" or "weird" way, or am I the only weirdo out there. And has nobody else seriously ever eaten an orange this way but me?

I asked Collin the same question, and he said, "Says the girl who eats Skittles..." I'll stop there. Nobody needs to know how I eat Skittles.


Jessie said...

I'm gonna guess you eat the Skittles by color in a specific order. Am I right??

I eat an orange by peeling the whole thing, then breaking all the sections apart and eating them whole.

However, if I'm eating chips -- if I have a bunch out on a plate, I'll eat them smallest to largest. But if they're in a bag, I just pull them out in no particular order.

ComplyKated said...

Yup, totally curious how you eat skittles.

Oranges, I think I eat them like everyone else. Bananas I eat from what everyone else would probably deem "the bottom" - they're easier to peel that way.

pagecrusher said...

I eat Skittles one at a time. I suck on the Skittle until it's almost too soft to hold its original form, then I chew it up, savoring its saliva-induced tenderness. By the time I swallow, whole minutes have elapsed and my tongue looks like I was french-kissed by Rainbow Brite. I repeat this process until all of the Skittles are gone.

Anonymous said...

You eat oranges the Trinidadian way. We eat our oranges this way because the skin is thinner, harder & less fibrous and so not as easy to peel and peg as American oranges.

Jess said...

I have no idea what you did with that orange, but I eat grapes kinda funny. I like to bite them in half and then suck the squishy part out between my front two teeth (it's the sweetest part) and then eat the skin. Repeat with second half. Sometimes I change it up and peel all the skin off before eating the pulp. Depends on my mood. :)

I recently freaked @vconn the heck out because he almost ate my pink m&m (we were sharing a handful...he should have known better than to eat the pink ones).

I'm stopping here. But, believe me, I could go on all night. Craving fruit now...

meggo said...

None of you has guessed how I (used to) eat Skittles, and we'll keep it that way, though Jessie, you have part of it right; and pagecrusher, we might have some skittly similarity. Somaria, I guess I'm a Trinidadian at heart.

kyle said...

i know how you "used to" eat skittles. i don't think i'll ever forget that account. no matter how hard i try.
i love that you shared.
sort of.