Sunday, February 06, 2011

Gunky Birthdays

My second daughter will be born Tuesday March 29. Incredible. Our guy wanted to know why I liked the 29th over the 28th (we were given both options; I'm having a c-section). "Because I like the number better," I said. Is that so weird? Now both of our girls have entirely odd-numbered birthdays.

It would have been cool if we could have done 3-31-11 (also because Drue's bday is a 31), but ah well. Twenty-nine is, as my dad would say, solid. Now if I could only get this most recent ultrasound pic scanned and up online. It is c-razy. Her eyes are open, and you can only see one of them because her hand is up over the other, but it is staring at you. It's a picture of a sad eyeball. Anyone who isn't me would think it is creepy. I think it is marvelous.

C is gone again. We partied hearty at the Spencers' tonight, and I made myself sick on dessert. Surprise! Drue had fun but was ready to come home at 8. WAY past her bedtime lately. She has an ear/tubes followup tomorrow. There is so much gunk coming out of her left ear, there is no question the tubes are working, but my question is: why SO much gunk?


J Stu said...

partied hearty. haha. i like that. congrats on the second baby! hadn't heard the news. hope you and CB are doing well.

Anonymous said...

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