Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm finishing up Stephen King's newest, and it's all I can do not to go back and edit my previous two horrendous posts. I'm embarrassed that those of you who read my blog and know that I'm an editor and sometimes writer...know that I'm an editor and sometimes writer and posted those blogs.

Oh well (I say, cringing). There just isn't time.

What there IS time for is rearranging my living room/dining room area, cleaning and playing with babies. One of them is tapping a small mirror on my knee while slobbering all over herself and saying, "a duh duh duh...aaaaaaaa....*spittle spittle gurgle*...yAAAAAAA....ah yuh yuh...guh guh," you get the picture.

It's Drue.

Just kidding. Drue is napping. My napping QUEEN! She reigns on her sleepy throne! I love her.

Paigey, on the other hand, does NOT like naps. Oh, no. She does nap. I would not let her not nap. But she fights it and will never sleep as long as Drue does. Luckily, she's also really pleasant and happy to play by herself for long stretches when she's awake.

We watched "The Bear Movie" the other night (aka "Over the Hedge"), so Drue's into that these days. I'm cutting down TV time though, so we watch it in spurts (and I always skip the scary chapters, especially with her having nightmares lately, which are getting better btw). We are down to 3 hours of TV a day. That might sound like a lot of TV to some, but it is NOT. It is difficult to watch only that much TV, and mostly because I'm so super selfish with my time. I really don't mind clunking them down in front of the tube. I can get my stuff done! But lately I've been feeling less OK about it, especially as Drue is getting older and I'm realizing that she just isn't good at PLAYING.

We're a couple of weeks in, and she's already playing better! Paige loves to play, so we're good there. We're listening to more music and doing more activities together. And it's HARD, but so good. So worth it. It's a discipline for all of us.

Other things are happening, but I don't have time to write about them in detail. Let's throw a list out there. A list of VERY important things, starting with:

I'm parting my hair in the middle now.
Nobody is commenting on ANYTHING I post on Facebook, and so I'm convinced EVERYBODY has blocked me.
Being married stuff.
I am picking up Little Caesar's Pizza tonight for community group and couldn't be more excited because Little Caesar's makes me think of home (i.e., Norman, OK).
I think about writing a book again almost daily, and never start.
We're getting an Elliptical machine any day now, and that's why I just rearranged our living space. Yes, we're putting it downstairs for everyone to see.

That is all.


Emily said...

I read this blog and the first thing I gasped and said, "no way!" about was that you're now parting your hair in the middle! Ha ... talk about superficial! Miss you Mego!

Rachel said...

First, I enjoy reading your blog. I check it lots in hopes of seeing new posts full of your delightful writing and descriptions of your life in Delaware.
Second, I didn't even notice any typos...no need to apologize for your writing; it is unmistakeably that of a writer. :)
Third, we need some (facebook) pictures of your middle hair part!
Fourth, I haven't seen much activity on your facebook on which to comment/respond...is it possible that what you're posting isn't showing up on your fb wall?!?
Fifth and last....I miss you!
-Rachel K.

ComplyKated said...

Cutting down on TV is hard. We've done it (and had to redo it) several times with the boys. It's always hardest on me- but in the end when they opt to "dig for oil" in the backyard over sitting in front of the TV it's worth it.

And no one comments on other people's facebook because it's a naracassitic place where people are more interested in what they write then what others say. I'm one of the worst. I post thoughts and pictues but rarely take the time to comment on others.

Oh and I totally chopped up The Sweater. I almost mailed you a piece but thought it might be Van Gogh's ear-ish. But I am going to post some pics of it's new life.

I LOVE YOU!!! And hope to see you next time you're down this way.

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