Wednesday, January 04, 2012

May I join you in the bathroom? Why, yes! Of course!

I once read that a mom who wants alone time should utilize the bathroom. In my experience, this does not work. And it's hilarious.

This morning...

I needed to wash my head, so while Collin was downstairs ironing his work clothes, both girls happily playing around his feet, I snuck upstairs to do so: alone.

NO more than 120 seconds later, upstairs comes Drue, her new, gigantic pencil in tow.

"Mommy? Mommy! What you doing?"

"Hey, baby. I'm--"

"You washing your hair?"


At this point I'm kind of laughing because I realize, again, that I will not be alone between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. until I'm 40 years old - unless the girls go to school, but that's another conversation. It *feels* like I won't be alone until I'm 40; that's for sure.

"I splash it for you?"


She makes a motion to splash the water with her hands, and I say no thank you. Then the singing begins.

"La la da daaaaaah!" And chanting. "Mommy's elbow! Mommy's elbow!"

All the while she's either marching or "drawing" on my back with her gigantic pencil and then laughing. And all the while my eyes are burning because I've gotten next to no sleep, but I'm also thoroughly enjoying it because, well, who wouldn't?

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Jess said...

Love this because I am right there with you and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have relinquished all alone time during L's waking hours. The only time I used to get was when I tried l locking my bedroom door for a few minutes when Vince was home watching her. I quickly learned that this was an awful, awful mistake. She sat at the door and cried hysterically for me to "PWEASE OPEN DA DOOR, MOMMYYYY!" Wasn't worth it. She's too sweet, and before I know it all these moments will be over forever because she's only going to be three once. Love you! And Drue!!