Friday, March 01, 2013


It's sad how easy it is to bribe my eldest child. I am currently trying to figure out how to work at home, and Fridays tend to the be the day when I try to work most of the morning and then give the girls the afternoon. Unfortunately, my youngest is not quite two and, while she is learning to play with her sister, isn't the best playmate yet. And my eldest, well, she would be at my feet all day long if I let her. So it's been a challenge. This morning, as I was going through my allowance and shelling some of it out to my husband, who needed money for lunch, I thought: maybe if I tell Drue I will take her out to lunch if she's very good for me and lets me work, she'll actually let me work! Now, the one "how to raise a child" book I read is NOT about bribery, so I try to make this a rare thing. Maybe that's why it worked so well. Because she was all about it. "Paigey! Would you like to go play Duck, Duck, Goose? Paigey, let's go play! Come on!" And she's still going strong.

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Mark Noce said...

Neat real-life story:) My son is still a newborn, but I suppose it's only going to get more complicated...and fun. Neat post:)