Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Love the '90s

I have plenty of bad middle- and high-school memories, but when I hear a song from the '90s, I am usually transported to a good place. Even the bad memories become somewhat warm and fuzzy, because man, what great music.

Now, I'm not talking about The Rembrandt's I'll Be There for You or The Macarena (both Top 40 faves my senior year) or some other pop song from the '90s, though there were some good ones, it's true (I'm looking at you, Lisa Stansfield). I'm talking about alternative and grunge rock. Flannel shirt and Doc Marten wearing guys with guitars. Or British guys with huge guitars. I love just about all of them.

So you can imagine I was pleased when, today, my husband posted this video to his Facebook page. Dave Grohl has made some silly decisions musically in the past few years, but when matched together with these dudes, well, he will always and forever be Dave Grohl from Nirvana. And who can resist Trent Reznor? Well, maybe a lot of people. I never liked his music videos; I wasn't even supposed to watch them; they made me nervous, and understandably so. But still, isn't there something so cool about him? And the 2005 With Teeth album: let me just say yes.

So, without further ado, these guys making cool music...

Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Trent Reznor Performing a Song Together for the Sound City Soundtrack

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