Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dreaded Boob Tube

Not feeling very bookish today. Also not feeling like working. I must be catching the thing my daughters are battling.

Poor, sweet bubby. So sad. 
What do we do on sick day? We watch television.

I so often find myself in conversations with other moms about how much TV our children watch. And I ALWAYS come out on top. Meaning, my children always watch the most.

Many of the moms in my area are unplugged and without a television. I will probably never be unplugged (at least not entirely), and though my children are getting better at playing - and playing together - they still need a break for boob-tube entertainment from time to time.

And so do I! I check out sometimes; don't you? Granted, I often do that with a book, but still. We need to be entertained occasionally, and that's okay. That's not worthy of scoffing. (Not that anybody is scoffing. It's probably just me scoffing at myself.)

I have started reading to my daughters every day. I pray they find enjoyment in books. It's not looking too promising these days, as Drue has only recently decided she'll sit and listen to a story (and forget about it if it's not a book she's picked, though I still try), and Paige is still not very into it. My girls just aren't the type to sit in a corner and look at books. So, I read to them. And I tell them to listen. And when I'm done reading, I asked them to tell ME the story. And Drue often says, "I can't," so I'll tell her the story without reading the book, as an example, and one of these days I know she will get it.

Until then, we're having some freaking TV TIME.


Jeff Hargett said...

I watch the tube maybe once every two or three months, but only because of lack of time. Entertainment is vital for minds--especially those still developing. While nothing should be done to excess, there really isn't much that should be completely eliminated either. (IMHO)

Jessie said...

You should talk to *me* about TV consumption, then maybe I would win and you would lose! :-)

And I read that the number one best way to turn your kids into readers is to let them see *you* reading on your own, to yourself, for fun. Makes perfect sense to me -- whatever they see their parents doing is what they will grow up thinking is normal.