Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes, Why All the Editing?

At least one of you has asked why my blogs seem to disappear. The thing is, a few days ago I received an email concerned about my blogging, or, the pouring out of my soul. The concerns weren't without warrant. There is a lot of hype about employers looking at blogs, online predators, you know the story. This is all fair. But the thing is, I have this tendency to want everyone's approval, so when I read the email I immediately wanted to throw up and was pretty much depressed the rest of the day. Me being me, I directly logged onto Blogger and edited all of my non-picture blogs to "save draft."

Collin said he wasn't surprised I did that.

Today I worked on the mag (after taking care of the boys for a couple of hours this morning; I tell you I love them more and more every week). I got a lot of work done but wasn't able to mark off many pages as "done" because there's so much little work to do here and there. The mag that comes out tomorrow should be good. I'm happy about it. I think my "letters" harken back to the old days, when I was witty. I think I got bored by the end of last semester and just wasn't as "on." Well, friends, I'm on again. For now.

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