Friday, March 02, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day!

Yes. Today is a good day. I'm so proud of Collin for giving a great presentation. I wasn't there, but apparently it went really well (I read the evaluations, and they were so encouraging and funny and honest). He's got this incredible gift for teaching, and I know it, and others know it, but he often is too critical of his work to recognize how smart he is, so hearing him say that his instructor praised his performance today was great. I was so happy for him and could see how happy he was. My husband has the ability to make sense of even the hardest concepts; I'm often amazed at what he's able to explain to me through the use of great, real-life examples. I'll be honest, I don't always love it when he says, "Hey, Meghan. Can I tell you about this study I was reading about?" (He likes to practice his lectures on me sometimes.) And I'll sort of begrudgingly say, "Sure." And I'll walk in there and listen, and it all sounds so crazy, and I think I'll never understand it. And I don't care if I don't. But then he asks me, "Do you see what I'm saying?" And he is so genuine and really wants me to get it, and so I say, "No. Not at all." And he'll sit back and think of a different way to explain it, and his excitement is so affecting, and I'll start to really listen, and I'll get it. And I'm so proud of him. Granted, I might not think of what he taught me again, but so it goes; I'm not a psychologist. I'm just proud of him and excited for him. He's going to be an extraordinary teacher! Already is. And he really cares about that. I am so very excited about our future. I wonder where we'll move?

Random aside: I love publishing.

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Duke Crevanator said...

Where are you going to move?!

Well Duh!

Since I can not post pictures, cut and paste this link into your interner browser:

We'll see ya in New Hampshire! Live Free or Die!