Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I like this song (but don't really get the lyrics).

I think the song could be even bigger if someone redid it today (not that it's an old song, nor too small). I am thinking about this song because of a King of the Hill episode I just watched. Well, I'd seen the episode before, so I wasn't really watching it. I was really grading papers. I am going through a King of the Hill phase that just won't end. I have three seasons on DVD. It's all I ever watch. EVER.

The song is Life in a Northern Town (heya mamama, heya a myeeya, heya mamama, heeeeeeeya ... Life in a Northern Town). The first verse is about the Salvation Army band playing while children drink lemonade, and the morning lasted all day. All day. Yeah, not so much. But it's a great little feel-good song that reminds me of my youth.

Collin and I went to Bison Witches yesterday for a beverage (and a break from work). It was definitely a break from the current norm, which is, Collin works all day, takes a quick break for dinner and then works some more, then goes to bed. I understand because I was once in grad school. This particular semester is really full for him, so it was nice yesterday that he took a break from the norm. I know he wanted to go work out, but I guess that's part of what marriage is all about ... putting another's desires before your own. I would love it if this were really natural for me.

Back to Life in a Northern Town ... is that song about a young man going to war?

Back to school: I've gotten a lot of grading done in the past 48 hours. This is good.


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Jenny said...

I went to the beach today. It was nice, but got a bit windy around five thirty so we left. Honestly, though, I'd rather be in Norman.