Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bleh + Birthday = Thumbs Up (but still tired)

Sadly, all of my blogging energy is going into writing the Boyd Street blog, which I don't get to be myself in. For example, I just came home from Doug's. A group of us sat around and read a short by Flannery O'Connor. It was very fun. I wish we did this more often. Once Collin and I went to the Negus's for dinner, and we sat around and read a Shakespearean play. It was AWESOME. But instead of writing what was really on my mind, I had to write what I thought a writer for Boyd Street would say.

That's not to say what I said about judging wasn't entirely unfounded. I did wonder tonight who would read quickly and who would read slowly, and who would act out the story and who would read in monotone (ME). Fortunately, fairly quickly, the Holy Spirit kicked me in the butt and said, ditch the pride, Meggo. Enjoy the company of friends. This is AWESOME.

Well, praise Jehovah.

I could write this whole thing about the Holy Spirit ... after the book study last night with the girls. It was good. The chapter we read was good. Maybe I will find the energy to blog about it tomorrow. But first, sleep.

God bless you, friends. I love you all. And if you haven't heard, we're going to the Royal B. Saturday to celebrate C.'s birthday (and Josh S.'s birthday). It should be a grand old time. Do come.

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