Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kit Cat

Here are some pics of our newest addition, Marigold Buttercup Barnes.

So cute.

Too cute.

Suffocating from cuteness.

If I didn't already tell you, I found her in a parking lot. We've decided (obviously) to keep her.

Other than the new kitten, life is moving right along. Visted family last weekend in North Carolina, which was fun. We enjoyed the drive ... mostly. I can be a real jerk sometimes when it comes to critiquing driving. Luckily, the Lord kicked me in the butt and on the way home I was much more reasonable. Poor C. He does love me.

We danced up a storm at my cousin's wedding. So much fun. C. got super sunburned and looks like he's been paper mached. We're back to work and enjoying that. This blog isn't too exciting.

Wish I had pics of the trip, but alas my camera's batteries died, and we didn't get to a store to purchase new ones. Ah well. The memories live on in our minds (and I'm journaling the trip ... I never regularly journal, but I do journal our vacations).

Along with all of this incredibly insightful news, one must know I am now a fan of chocolate cake. I never used to choose chocolate cake, crazy as that may seem to some (many?), but starting pretty much with Tim and Taryn's wedding, I now choose chocolate. The richer the better. I love it. It's weird when things like this change.

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Norman said...

Gotta have chocolate cake. Isn't that why people attend weddings?