Monday, July 16, 2007

Not a One Piece in Sight

But we'll get to that.

Marigold is getting too big. She is also a very playful kitten--something we're not used to with Bitty slugging around all the time; that cat can sleep longer than any cat in existence; however, I think Marigold is getting her up and playing a little more than usual.

I binged for two days straight last week and am feeling the grossness that accompanies lots of ice cream and chocolate cake. As one of my friends said, maybe I'm making up for lost time (with the chocolate cake ... see previous blog).

I will miss Katie Gaylor. We got to spend some good time over the weekend. Friday at her shindig, yesterday by the pool. The girl can talk, and I love her.

We were wearing one pieces at the Reserve swimming pool. We were the only ones in one pieces. I saw two tankinis and dozens of string bikinis. I actually felt self conscious for being in a one piece. But this sweet girl named Cat (Kat?) came up and got in the water with us. She was one of the two tankini girls (with skirt). She smiled and said, "Dig the one pieces! So, are you guys just really modest?"

I thought it was cute. Come to find out we were all regular churchgoers. It was a good little convo.

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