Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Politics of Drue Bear

I think I've titled a blog post this before. There's a song from the '80s that's called "The Politics of Dancing." I've only heard it once, and because of that once, it occasionally hits the brainwaves but comes out as "The Politics of Drue Bear."

There is a long history of singing in our house, and this song is just one of many. We sang before Drue was born. We would get up in the morning, and each of us would have a song stuck his or her head, and fairly quickly that song would come out. Then we'd latch on to one or the other song, and that would be the song of the morning. We'd laugh and say, "We're so weird. If anyone knew we do this, they'd think we are crazy." And here I am telling you that we do this.

Now that Drue is here, and has been for nine glorious months, there's even more singing in our home. Not just in the morning but all day long, and most often the songs we sing are changed to suit whatever is going on with our baby at the time. That is, the lyrics are changed. As I write this I'm guessing that it's rather selfish of me to think only we do this. I'm guessing 95 percent of the population does this. Do you?

Regarding work, the end of February was nuts, as I thought we had a whole extra seven days. Luckily I had the bulk of my work done and just had to go through and reread and finalize my notes on first-month manuscripts, but sheesh. I was busy. Therefore, no blogging.

Regarding other things, I now have a Wednesday/Sunday subscription to The Daily Oklahoman. Why? Because I have a MA in Journalism and want to keep up with the goings on in our fair state? Because I plan to move to OKC? Because I plan to get really involved in the local community? No on all counts, friends. I want coupons. And now I've got them in my hot little hands. Granted, the dinner menu for the week has been really boring, but I've saved so much the last two weeks that we actually have enough left over from our grocery budget to go out to dinner once or twice without dipping into our entertainment fund. It is worth is, and it is fun. I never knew how fun it was keeping up with sales and coupons. I'm almost glad we don't have a printer readily available, or I'd be online spending WAY to much time digging for coupons. But you know, the first time I went to the cash register with my groceries, coupons at the ready, not only did I feel nervous; I felt guilty. How nutty is that? (And how great a use of a semicolon was that?)

So, savings are happening. Now we just have to figure out whether we want to continue to save in a much bigger way come fall or move to a little bit bigger but more expensive house. Right now it's looking like a good spring purging is at hand and we'll be staying in our tiny duplex. I think I'm okay with that. For now.

Finally, the photos I snapped earlier today. These two were too cute when I came home, all matchy matchy. Love it. And love the new couch.

P.S. I hear The Star-Spangled Banner being sung outside my window. I thought it was our neighbor, but it's happening at the softball field across the way and traveling on the wind. Not bad. Now feeling patriotic. And ready to pay bills.

Bye for now.


ComplyKated said...

Great update.

We tend to change the words to whatever tune is in our head to fit what's going on in our lives (or at the moment). Once changed the words to "There's Not A Friend Like the Lowly Jesus- no not one. no not one" to "We have a dog and she is a Beagle- Agatha. Agatha" Well it was funny to us anyway.

Wonderful pics too :)

samann1121 said...

Oh yeah, we're quite prolific tune and/or lyric writers around here. Last night I came up with this gem while making dinner:
"She was a chee-ee-eese grater -- shredded cheddar, yeah." (To the tune of "Day Tripper")

I'm sure Lucy thinks we're brilliant. Or something.

bammers said...

When I was around 8, my mom asked me what I thought her spiritual gift was.

I told her it was coupon cutting.

She wasn't too thrilled.

(But dude, the day before with a special combined with a coupon, she had the store PAY HER TEN CENTS for ketchup...that's way cool).

Brittany said...

I feel guilty when I use coupons too and I can't figure out why. The more coupons I use, or the more I save, my guilt/embarrassment rises proportionally. I'm wondering if it is because it makes me wonder if people think I am poor and stingy??

"Look at this crazy coupon lady. Does she think she is too good to pay full price like the rest of us? sheesh."

That is what goes through my head.

Jennifer said...

do you have to change the subtitle of your blog now that you got a new couch?

Emily said...

John and I change the words to songs ALL.THE.TIME, but we don't have kids, so we change the words about the dogs (talk about crazy!). Our favorite is from a country song whose chorus is: Beer is good, God is great and people are crazy. The "people" part of that chorus always changed to "Gus". Ha!

Love it!