Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gray Day in Three

1. Today I found my first, honest to goodness, no doubt about it, long, fat, wirey gray hair...right in the middle of my head and swooping across my bangs. I am officially in my 30s, people.

2. I need a new blog title and summary. I'm thinking this through but would love to know if any of you have read my blog and thought, She should really call it THIS. Man, "Remarks from the Couch" is so LAME. (But please be kind in telling me this.) I'm also considering changing up the format. It's rather trendy to have "focused" days, like She's a Maniac Mondays, Frumpy Friday, etc. Do I want to join this trend, or attempt to, or do I want to stick with my haphazard approach? As I write I'm leaning toward the latter. But I still feel like every good blog has a theme, a greater purpose than mine. Do I even have a theme? What do I want my blog to be? Why am I posting these questions going through my head that are directed at myself?

3. My students blogged today about the education history that has or has not prepared them for my news writing course. The blogs were in a way eye opening and in a way expected. Nobody feels prepared. Everyone feels overwhelmed. But even their simple, 250-word blog entries felt lazy. They were writing the first thing that came to mind; the expected thing; and not putting very much thought into it. Only maybe two of them had an original thought or story to tell. Only maybe three of them did I enjoy reading. I only hope that if they will truly focus for six and a half more weeks they will notice a great change in their knowledge and ability. And as far as grammar rules: you just learn them and move on. They become old hat. It's difficult to believe when you're a 20-year-old making 30s on quizzes and feeling utterly discouraged (becuase it's not as easy as you thought...boohoo). But if they would just look, they would see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, I think most of them are too lazy to lift their heads.


Jessie said...

1.) Got my first at 17. It means very little, except that, for me, my hair is inching closer and closer to being able to hold a curl for longer than an hour.

2.) Don't set up the cutesy alliterative days if you won't actually do them. And it sounds like you won't. I suppose I'd ask why you feel the need. Do you wish you blogged more regularly, or do you think *people* wished you blogged more regularly?

3.) Ouch. But as they say, 98% of everything is crap.

schupack said...

1 - I got my first real wiry gray hair the summer I turned 20. It's right on the top of my head and I consider it noticeable.

2 - don't do those special days. I like a rambling blog.

3 - I love grammar.

Jena Carper said...

I feel like I should continue the trend...

1. Haven't had one yet, but I'm sure they are on the way!
2. I like everything about your blog. As is.
3. I loved/hated WFMM. I would have loved to have taken it from you. Grammar can be so much fun :)

AReese said...

I'm still getting used to the whole blogging thing, but so far I've enjoyed a rambling blog. I agree with Jessie... don't set up "days" if you aren't going to go them. But if you are, that could be fun too! It sounds, though, that you'd rather just be random, which is perfectly acceptable.

Also, I like the title of your blog. I don't find it boring as much as partly ironic, since you don't strike me as the sort of person who really does just chill on the couch all.day.long.

Jennifer said...

This doesn't answer any of your questions, but I like the new background color/layout. and of course, the picture that I took.

yes, I had to mention that AGAIN.

meggo said...

Thanks for all the comments. I initially thought that having clever days would make me blog more, because I wanted to blog more, but really: I think it would just stress me out. And I blog plenty, I imagine. AND I LIKE to ramble.