Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Personally Spiced Vegetables over Potatoes

What you need to know and what I just realized: I have not watched television in almost two weeks. This was not a planned thing. And yes, I've watched Mary Poppins, but that's a standard in our house. I don't usually watch television during the day, so that's normal, and lately our evenings have been so busy that we just haven't turned on the tube.

Oh. I did watch a Quentin Tarantino film in two sittings. I forgot about that. Well, then I guess I'm lying. I have watched TV. Dang.

Tonight for dinner we had: everything left in the fridge, which means I chopped up some potatoes and threw them in the steamer. Boiled some carrots, boiled some brocolli (however you spell that blasted word), sauteed an onion and threw every spice we have, along with three kinds of cheese, out on the kitchen table and said, "Go for it." (We had some fun talking about the title of the dish.)

I had too many potatoes with as many onions as I could dish on top of them without feeling embarrassed (plus broc & roots) and added salt, pepper, fresh oregano, curry and garam marsala (I put these last two on just about everything). Collin dumped all the hot (temperature) spices on his, as usual. I think he likes having a runny nose at dinner. He had cottage cheese; I had cheddar. It was delish.

And now: it's time to buy some groceries, as all that's left in my kitchen is a box of spaghetti, a frozen pizza, a little bit of food for baby and milk.

Well, and coffee. Always lots of coffee.


ComplyKated said...

Not just any coffee either. Please explain garam marasala- I've never used it before.

Jennifer said...

sounds like it's time for a sams run! oh, and watching movies is not the same as tv. yes, I now it's ON the tv, but it's not tv, it's a movie. (yes, I suppose I'm rationalizing...)

meggo said...

Complykated: It means "hot mixture." It's a mixture of spices including but not limited to: coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, black and/or white peppercorns and clove. It's common in Indian dishes. Mmm...

Jennifer: You need to start your food branch-out with an Indian dish (minus the hot chilis).

Jennifer said...

no thanks. ;)

meggo said...