Monday, March 25, 2013

Killing it, Garth Brooks Style

I had some great topic to blog about last night. Totally forgot it.

This morning my husband surprised me with a trip to the coffee shop. It's spring break this week at his college, so he gets to work from home all week too. I am often jealous that he gets to leave every morning. This morning, I got to leave. I love my children. I also love being by myself.

The coffee shop owner has chosen to play country music this morning. I'm cool with it. Country is easy to drown out because I don't know any of the words. (If you know me at all, or have read my blog for long, you know that I like to work in silence. Thus the country music mention.)

The feel of country music also reminds me of my childhood in Oklahoma. Specifically, my cousin Sean's wedding-after-party at my grandma's house. That was a biiiiiiiig party with lots of drinking, lots of singing, and lots of Garth Brooks. Less specifically, my mom's brother's family, who did live in the country and whom we visited to for things like Easter.

When Garth Brooks hit it big, he hit it BIG, didn't he? Do you remember the new Garth Brooks days? Do you remember his televised concerts? What was your - or your mom's - favorite Garth song?

But anyway, I'm editing this morning, or will be in a minute, and I'm psyched. Heath sent in 130 pages of a new thriller he's working on tentatively called Bull Trout Late. (I doubt that will stick.) BTL is an actual lake in the middle of the Idaho mountains, and the creepiness that the characters experience in the book he experienced there with his family.

Here's a pic of the lake. 

Of course, Heath's beefing it up quite a bit for the book. The protagonists are a group of teens. I'm trying to figure out what I think about this. They are fairly "character." In fact, I can easily fit a few popular, or ex-popular, teen actors into the roles. Is that bad? I suppose if it's too obvious, then yes. That's bad. Or does that make the actors bad?

Regardless, today is my favorite read-through: the fresh read. Never seen the text before. Don't have to stop to do any edits. Just read. Then go back and kill, kill, kill!

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