Monday, March 25, 2013

Worth and My Trip to the Boutique

Went to a little boutique in town for the first time. I bought a necklace that I already sort of regret purchasing.  It looks like this...

Okay, it kind of feels weird putting this picture on here. It's like, "Here I am. With all my bling. Hair getting longer. Looking older." Whatever.

My daughters love this necklace, so perhaps it's worth it. That's an owl there, and the owl opens and has a clock inside. But it's not real. It's a piece of junk that will be tossed in the trash in a couple of years.

I should be buying the real deal. I would rather own fewer pieces of value than a ton of crap that was fun to purchase but is worthless. I need to change the way I think about things. This guy's book got me thinking about this. It's a pretty good read. It has a spiritual overtone, so maybe (?) not for the non-religion types. But he makes some good points. Not that I'm all angry at the government. I don't know what I am with regard to government.

What is "worth" to you?

Is the sign of a good boutique owner, a boutique owner who remembers the kind of stuff you picked through when you visited her store?

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