Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movie Faves

A blog friend just finished a blog fest titled, "Your Top 10 Movies of All Time" - or the like. I'm responding late but responding nonetheless because, well, how fun!

I love stuff like this. I love lists. I love movies. So here you go: my favorite ten movies, in no particular order.

Because yes.

The only time that the movie ended and I wanted to go buy a ticket to see it again right away.

Partly nostalgia, partly because I have had a crush on Tim Curry all my life, but still, so good.

Because I love Mike Judge, and just because.

I was so huffy when Dad made me watch this. By the end, I was riveted. Classic.

Just so quotable. Just so good.

I'm a fan of The Dude.

I sat amazed. Jaw to the floor. Unable to move.

I will never say no to putting this movie in the DVD player. (I feel like the original Ghostbusters can be included with this one. Suggest either, and I'm game. Just great, classic, feel-good movies.)

Because I was 19 the year this movie came out, and that was perfect timing. I might also scoot Stand By Me into this "category" of favorite movie. The perfect nostalgia. The perfect crush. 

-----And there you have it. I didn't give this a ton of thought, so be kind.----- 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Who isn't a fan of the Dude? And LOTR - excellent!!!
Thanks for unofficially participating in my blogfest.

Jeff Hargett said...

That Good Will Hunting cover baffles me. I understand about "top billing" and all that, but they should have mirrored the image or something. Looks strange having Damon's name over Williams and vice-versa. I nodded ever more enthusiastically the farther down your list I went. :)