Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Sword of Suspense (Not a good title for this post)

Sick Kid Update: One is wearing Elmo jammies and a tiara, carrying around two bottles of hand sanitizer and saying, "No! Back!" to her sister when she tries to take one. The other is wearing Hello Kitty pajamas and a Pull-Up, which she won't take off because she's so super excited that I finally got her Pull-Ups. She's feeling better today, but we're staying inside for 24 more hours.

Just one more day home. Instead of working most of the day yesterday, I got the house in order (laundry, kitchen, toys, clean-sheets day). I'm starting to get spring fever and ready for the temps to rise so I can spend some time in our basement and garage, getting ready for a garage sale. This year's will be small, as I gave most everything away in our move to Michigan.

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm getting rid of too much. What if we do have another baby, and what if that baby is another girl, and I've gotten rid of EVERYTHING? We'll just work it out, that's what. Because I am not keeping all this stuff!

Switching gears a bit, we were excited over the weekend to have two old friends in town. Laura is one half of Laura & Sam, and Laura & Sam are moving to our town this summer! We couldn't be more excited, or more amazed and surprised. Laura was here with her dad, who was basically like our dad when someone's parents (see: mine) were acting a liiiiiiitle crazy during my engagement to E Lectric May Hem. So, it was super nice to see Dan as well and spend time eating, drinking, checking out our humble town together. Such fun.

Regarding Work: It's been difficult to get back into a mode. I'm not even in a reading mood really, which is very odd. I haven't cracked open "London" in a week. Maybe that just means I find it boring and I need to get a new book. I'd rather read my new Rachael Ray mag and browse my new favorite website,

But to work I go. Look out, book bloggers. Here I come, wielding my sword of good psychological suspense.

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