Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Day 2 of No Work

I did not know what to do with myself yesterday. Only three months back to work, and without NEEDING to be on the computer, what was I to do? Clean my house?! Play with my children?! I walked around staring at things and doing nothing - then wanted to get on my computer again.

Okay, so the truth is I DID play with my children and clean my house some, but I'm trying to make a point here! (without incriminating myself)

The other truth is, I kind of felt like Charlie Brown all day. I felt VERY sorry for myself and kept imagining a gray cloud hanging over my head. Poor, sad, jobless me.

Today, I'm back to normal. That didn't take long! I'm on the job hunt and figuring out how to get my name out there. (Turns out, if you know one highly networked person, and that person Tweets about you, you get a million more followers over night. So now I am under more pressure to be cool on Twitter in hopes of finding work.)

It's going to be almost impossible to replace my job with Heath. It was just so perfect. But there are plenty of writers out there who need editors. I think the best thing that has come from this is the realization that I want to work again. I love it. I love editing. I love working with writers. I love being creative in that way. I missed it. So there you go.

Side note: my daughter is carrying around a hymnal and doing a procession from the stairs to the play room. When she gets to the dining room, she stops and bows, as if before the crucifix. She even had me make her a cross on a pole that she can carry around the house. This Anglican business is pretty awesome.

As far as reading goes, I've given up on London and picked up John J. Miller's The First Assassin. A semi-promising start. My first impression is that it's a dude's novel (how non-feminist is that?!), but I've only read a few pages. He certainly has the rules down. There is a gun in the first sentence.


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