Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Shameless Plug

Well, a sad day here at our house. At least for me. I'm out of a job.

I have other contract work, but currently it is minimal, and my main client's company is no more, so my job working for him is also no more.

I'm trying not to get too down about it. I have really enjoyed being creative, using my gifts, feeling productive and purposeful (not that my life didn't have purpose before). I've enjoyed making money doing work I love from home, part-time. This was a job that will be difficult to recreate. Still, I know that if I'm to use my gifts, I will. There will be other opportunities. I just need to find them.

I'm going to miss spending time trolling book blogs and trying to meet people online and sending queries and, of course and mostly, editing. I'm going to miss working with Heath, whose work I believe in and whose work has gotten two agent bites in two weeks! There's obviously something there.

So what do I do now? I brainstorm. I've already had a meeting with the journalism guy up at the college where my husband works. Oddly, I had an appt on campus this morning. Our eldest daughter was taking part in a developmental psychology experiment, and John's office was downstairs in the same building, so hey: why not go meet with him? (I got a free book out of it! Have you read The First Assassin?)

John told me to send him my res and he'd make a few calls. Also, met a guy last weekend who writes horror novels and lives in the UP. Hopefully he will contact me. Horror novels from a Upper (yoo-per)? Yes, please.

Other than that, those of you who read my blog: if you need an editor or publicist or know someone who might, email me! I love all genres of fiction and non-fiction. I love working with authors and have a successful track record. I've also done plenty of business contract editing. I'd be happy to send you a resume.


Norman said...

How can we email you if you don't publish your email address?

No, seriously. I need to give your contact info to someone.

meggo said...


Norman said...

Thanks! You should be hearing from Andrew Heaton soon.