Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My husband called me out on something today.

There's been this stress sort of creeping around since I lost my job, and the stress is:

on my end - I'm terrified of doing a crap job
 on his end - anger that I'm terrified of rejection

There's a slight distinction there. He thinks I'm afraid of being rejected, which maybe on some level I am, but the real problem is that I haven't been busting my butt to get new jobs because I'm afraid of not doing a good job. And also, because in my heart of hearts, I want to be lazy. Thus a new stresser between us:

on my end - I think it's okay to be lazy
on his end - he is terrified of rest

So, what is a couple at odds to do? Encourage each other anyway. You've rested more because of me, and that's okay because rest is good (it is, buddy). And I've changed a ton because of you, because I'm not a raging, callous, stubborn maniac anymore. All is well.

But still, that insecurity. I decided to just go for it today, and I have him to thank.


Jessie said...

OK, this lady is obviously trying to sell something at the end of this post, but seriously: http://theorganicsister.com/overcoming-laziness/ Laziness doesn't exist.

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