Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crick in the Neck

When I have babies, I get massive neck and shoulder pain. I just complained to my five-year-old, who said, "Maybe the chiropractor doesn't help you." My answer: well, maybe. I think he does though. 

I've always been a person who god "cricks" in her neck. (Is that what everybody calls it, or just my strange family?) I missed at least one day of school because I couldn't turn my head. I've just always slept funny, I guess, and the vertebrae round my neck are my enemy.

And then when the baby comes, and the nursing begins, there's all that looking down, terrible posture, etc.

I once had a crick in my neck for nearly four months. That was the first time I tried a chiropractor. He had me coming in a couple times a week for nearly a month to get that pain gone. But it worked. It was incredible. My neck was fabulous, until now. 

So, does the chiropractic work? I think so. But it is annoying that the pain takes so much work to get rid of. And then comes back. But we'll blame the baby this time.


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